Indigo Rope Dyeing Machine


  • Rope dyeing is traditional way of Indigo Dyeing the yarn with Indigo which has its own advantages. The technology is well proven for various yarn counts and to obtain deep indigo shed.
  • Ropes are prepared on ball warping in which the cones are converted into Ropes. We got no yarn waste or shade variation due to continuous operation as Rope are bind with let-off creels.

Dyeing Ranges have many options for pre-treatment:

  • Pre-wetting device for ropes.
  • Additional dye bath for different colours.
  • Additional dye bath for Mercerizing to enhance the luster and better penetration of Indigo dye
  • Steamer with saturator (condensate separator), maximum working temperatue approx. 102C to 105C (super saturated steam required). Installed above 8th dye bath with 35 meters airing passage.
  • Automatic Dosing for wetting and sulphur.

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