Deep Sizing Machine

PLC Controlled High Speed


  • Optimum and uniform size pick-up
  • Minimum loss in elongation
  • Minimum hairiness
  • Automatic tension control in different zones through PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • Automatic control of different parameters such as temperature in size box / cylinder, squeezing pressure, beam pressure and pneumatic brake at creel
  • Higher production with good quality
  • User friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Technical Parameters

Suitable Yarn Number 18-19tex
Beam Width 1800 mm
Warping Beam Diameter 1000 mm
Rewinder Speed 0-130m/min
Rewinder Length 35000 mtr
Rewinder Yarn Heads 480
Operation Monitor 5.7″ Touch Screen
Input Voltage 3 x380V ±10%

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