Programming of Machine

The drive, temperature of cylinder & size box, tension in different zones, squeezing toll pressure and warper beam braking pressure, all are controlled through PLC and can be effectively controlled through user friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) provided at the head stock. This can also be provided in local languages for ease of operator. Beside the push button station, a Handy is also provided with the machine which gives flexibility to the operator to operate the machine from any place along the length of machine.

Size Box Model

SBPC 2/2 with Positive feed Device, Size Circulation Device and a pair of Squeezing Rollers/Rubber Coated Immersion Rollers. Positive Feed Roller and Finishing Bottom Squeezing Roller and driven by A.C Motor / Gear Box to control warp tension at a desired level. 2Nos Heavy duty bottom size roller coated with size rock rubber coating of 100 Shore hardness and 2Nos upper squeezing roller are specially designed anti-deflection type with synthetic rubber coatinf of 65 shore hardness to provide uniform squeezing across the width and reduce the tendency of warp sheet to stick the roller surface and there by reduce hairiness.

Sizing Head Stock

Beam doffing & donning and beam inserting, are done automatically by pressing a single switch. Integrated pneumatically acting beam pressing device is provided at thecenter of prepare compact beam. Drag roller is driven by maintenance free AC motor and gear box. Weavers beam drive with clock-wise and anti clock-wise rotation of motor through AC motor and gear box. MMI provided for the operator control the entir operation of machine by controlling function keys. Also provided are Oiling / Waxing Device and PLEVA Moisture Mesuring Unit.

Colour & Kitchen

Pre-wetting Solution Mising Vessel, Colour Prepration Vessels, Sulpher Vlack Vessel, Size Cooking Vessel and size Storage Vessel and providing in required numbers along with suitable Liquor Dosing & filter for Colour Kitchen.

Dyeing Tanks with Multi Colour Warp Dyeing Flexibility

Dyeing Tanks of 1500ltrs capacity are self supporting type, entirely manufactured from 316 S.S sheets and equipped with direct & indirect steam coil with automatic temperature control.It has 5Nos. 316 rollers and a pair of squeezing rollers & Equi-pressure design top squeeze roller.Bottom squeeze roll drive by A.C. frequency drives and gear motor synchronized with the help of load cell.

Due to multi-tank process engineering the continuous warp yarn dyeing machine can also be used for topping or dyeing with different categories of dye,such as sulpher, Direct, Reactive, Naphthol, Pigment of Indantherane dyestuffs. This done with help of using additional tanks or bypassing certain tanks.

Warper Beam Creel

The creel is provided with suitable break system of proportionate type with chain and breaking pads automatically operated with the hepl of load cell fitted on both side.The operator has to set required unwinding tension on the MMI (Man Machine Interface). On account of quick beam change at the Head stock and corresponding warp yarn storage in Accumulator, Higher production is achieved.Now the Accumulator is also installed after the warper Beam creel as well.

Dosing system for UniformDye Metering form start to Finish of the Beam

The Excellent Dosing system for Dyestuff and Chemicals in this Dyeing Range is the Heart of the Plant. Indigo vat, Hydrosulphite and Caustic soda are added continuously as per the calculated quantity and the machine speed.This avoids difference in colour shades along the lenght of the dyed warp sheet.

Oxidation/Aeration with Constant Air Flow At Controlled Temperature

Along with good Dyeing, the warp warp running properties are also equally important Weaving Shed.

Quick Oxidation/Aeration - The tank quipped with airing passage consist of 316 S.S.Fluted rollers having Dia 150mm, approx. Warplenght approx 32 mtrs, with quick oxidation.

The incorporation of a Quik Odidation/Aeration Section in the Dyeing Range reduce the lenght of the warp draw in to machine and number of guide rollers by 50%,reducing thereby stress on the yarn.

In this,the warp sheet across the width on treated with cross flow of air at gentle pressure and constant temperature,thereby accelerating the oxidation process.

Fluted guide rolls with large diameter also gurantee a parallel warp sheet without any width shrinkage.

Technical Specification
Beam Diameter (mm) Mechanical Speed (m/m) Hight at Comb (mm)
800 1200 1170


1200 1270
1250 1000 1470
1400 1000 1570
Use Full Width For All Sizes (mm) - 1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400


User Friendly HMI

User Friendly HMI can be provide in local languages with menu data driven data input.The Error Messages with details of cause & repair. Flashing of maintenance schedule

Electrical Panel

Dust proof panel encloser with in build A.C to maintain temperature and protect electronic components form heat.

Hydraulic Power-pack

It help for Effective breaking of warper beam and Kick Back movement of press roller and provide uniform winding pressure.

Beam Creel

The modernized high speed Shuttle-less Weaving demands minimum warp/weft breaks to assure high efficiency & minimum damage. Hence, Sizing is most important stage to give top quality sized warp beam with perfect control of minimum stretch, minimum hairiness and optimum & uniform size pick-up.

Automatic Size Pick-up Control

PLEVA automatic size pick-up control can be opted for size box, as an optional attachment.

Multi Motor Drive

Multi motor drive is provided, with help of PLC controlled drive, along the length of Sizing Machine to ensure sized warp sheet with minimum loss in elongation, and thus giving higher residual elongation for higher efficiency & good quality at Shuttleless Weaving machines, running at high speed.

Wet Splitting

Wet splitting is done with the help of steam heated rolls, in case of heavy qualities, to reduce hairiness as well as reduce size dropping which might take place at leasing zone in sizing & on the Loom

Comb Traverse

Comb assembly has been provided with horizontal traverse for perfect beam surface by avoiding ridges & furrows and the vertical movement helps increasing the life of comb .

Centering Of Warper Beam

Bevel driving wheels ensure perfect centering of the warping beam.Bevel driving wheels also avoid any slip due to perfect grip of the beam.Disc brakes mounted on both side of driving chucks ensure quick stop of the warping beam at all diameter at high speed to minimizes the missing ends.

Comb Assembly

Motorized comb ensures lateral alignment of comb to width of beam.Vertical movement of comb increases the life of comb & horizontal movement gives ridges free warper beam.Intermittent air blow behind the comb assembly clears the comb of fluff.

Press Roll Kick-Back

Beam press roll is made of fabric based material for longer life with metal rings on both sides. Increasing beam diameter presses back drum with preset beam pressure to get uniform density from start to finish of beam. This avoids beam burst. This gives absolutely cylindrical beam. Kick-back at thread break makes instant swinging of press roll to avoid damage to yarn by frictions.

Size Box

Special anti-deflection squeezing rolls for uniform pick-up across the width. Proportionate squeeze pressure with respect
to machine speed to ensure uniform size pick-up along the length of beam. Special squeeze roll surface for minimum hairiness. 

Provided direct heating arragment for getting the required temperature of size mix uniformly across the size box on all side to ensure uniform size pick-up. Indirect hearing is also provided with the help of additional jacketing to ensure heating of size at bottom and avoide dilution of size solution as well as to compensate the heat loss to atmosphere. Size circulation system is provided to maintain level of size solution for uniform  size pick-up. 

Uniform Size Pick- up
This is achieved across the warp width with the help of special Anti Deflection squeeze rolls and along the length with proportionate squeezing pressure, controlled through PLC as per the change in machine speed (Crawl to running speed and vice-versa). The special design of squeezing roll surface ensures minimum hairiness as sized warp sheet does not stick to squeezing roll because of its non-stickiness. Bottom rolls with size-rock coating also helps in reducing hairiness.

Beam Let-Off Device

Beam let-off  Device  is provided for Sectional Warping Beams, normally with coloured yarn patterns, with pneumatic braking device on both sides

Mesuring Roll & Striking Bar

Light weight mesuring roll at the head stock ensures the warper beams of predetermined lenght to ensure minimum waste of residual length on the warper beam at Sizing.Striking bar provided at the head stock avoids the rolling/crossing of ends at the start of machine after every stop.