PLC Controlled High Speed Sizing Machine

Main Features

  • Optimum and uniform size Pick-Up.

  • Minimum loss in elongation.

  • Minimum hairiness.

  • Automatic tension Control in different zone through PLC.

  • Automatic control of different parameters such as temperature in size box /cylinder, squeezing pressure, beam pressure & pneumatic brake at creel.

  • Higher production with good quality.

  • User friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Programming of Machine

The drive, temperature of cylinder & size box, tension in different zones, squeezing toll pressure and warper beam braking pressure, all are controlled through PLC and can be effectively controlled through user friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) provided at the head stock. This can also be provided in local languages for ease of operator. Beside the push button station, a Handy is also provided with the machine which gives flexibility to the operator to operate the machine from any place along the length of machine.

Beam Creel

The modernized high speed Shuttle-less Weaving demands minimum warp/weft breaks to assure high efficiency & minimum damage. Hence, Sizing is most important stage to give top quality sized warp beam with perfect control of minimum stretch, minimum hairiness and optimum & uniform size pick-up.

Automatic Size Pick-up Control

PLEVA automatic size pick-up control can be opted for size box, as an optional attachment.

Multi Motor Drive

Multi motor drive is provided, with help of PLC controlled drive, along the length of Sizing Machine to ensure sized warp sheet with minimum loss in elongation, and thus giving higher residual elongation for higher efficiency & good quality at Shuttleless Weaving machines, running at high speed.

Wet Splitting

Wet splitting is done with the help of steam heated rolls, in case of heavy qualities, to reduce hairiness as well as reduce size dropping which might take place at leasing zone in sizing & on the Loom

Comb Traverse

Comb assembly has been provided with horizontal traverse for perfect beam surface by avoiding ridges & furrows and the vertical movement helps increasing the life of comb .

Size Box

Special anti-deflection squeezing rolls for uniform pick-up across the width. Proportionate squeeze pressure with respect
to machine speed to ensure uniform size pick-up along the length of beam. Special squeeze roll surface for minimum hairiness. 

Provided direct heating arragment for getting the required temperature of size mix uniformly across the size box on all side to ensure uniform size pick-up. Indirect hearing is also provided with the help of additional jacketing to ensure heating of size at bottom and avoide dilution of size solution as well as to compensate the heat loss to atmosphere. Size circulation system is provided to maintain level of size solution for uniform  size pick-up. 

Uniform Size Pick- up
This is achieved across the warp width with the help of special Anti Deflection squeeze rolls and along the length with proportionate squeezing pressure, controlled through PLC as per the change in machine speed (Crawl to running speed and vice-versa). The special design of squeezing roll surface ensures minimum hairiness as sized warp sheet does not stick to squeezing roll because of its non-stickiness. Bottom rolls with size-rock coating also helps in reducing hairiness.

Beam Let-Off Device

Beam let-off  Device  is provided for Sectional Warping Beams, normally with coloured yarn patterns, with pneumatic braking device on both sides