High Speed Direct warping

Main Features

  • Perfect Cylindrical Compact warper beam.
  • Effective kick bach to avoide damage to yarn.
  • Few missing ends/cross ends/rolling ends.
  • Quick stop to beam at thread break.
  • Accurate warping length.
  • Oscillating comb to avoid damage to yarn & comb.
  • User friendly working of HMI.
Technical Specification
Beam Diameter (mm) Mechanical Speed (m/m) Hight at Comb (mm)
800 1200 1170


1200 1270
1250 1000 1470
1400 1000 1570
Use Full Width For All Sizes (mm) - 1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400


User Friendly HMI

User Friendly HMI can be provide in local languages with menu data driven data input.The Error Messages with details of cause & repair. Flashing of maintenance schedule

Electrical Panel

Dust proof panel encloser with in build A.C to maintain temperature and protect electronic components form heat.

Hydraulic Power-pack

It help for Effective breaking of warper beam and Kick Back movement of press roller and provide uniform winding pressure.

Centering Of Warper Beam

Bevel driving wheels ensure perfect centering of the warping beam.Bevel driving wheels also avoid any slip due to perfect grip of the beam.Disc brakes mounted on both side of driving chucks ensure quick stop of the warping beam at all diameter at high speed to minimizes the missing ends.

Comb Assembly

Motorized comb ensures lateral alignment of comb to width of beam.Vertical movement of comb increases the life of comb & horizontal movement gives ridges free warper beam.Intermittent air blow behind the comb assembly clears the comb of fluff.

Press Roll Kick-Back

Beam press roll is made of fabric based material for longer life with metal rings on both sides. Increasing beam diameter presses back drum with preset beam pressure to get uniform density from start to finish of beam. This avoids beam burst. This gives absolutely cylindrical beam. Kick-back at thread break makes instant swinging of press roll to avoid damage to yarn by frictions.

Mesuring Roll & Striking Bar

Light weight mesuring roll at the head stock ensures the warper beams of predetermined lenght to ensure minimum waste of residual length on the warper beam at Sizing.Striking bar provided at the head stock avoids the rolling/crossing of ends at the start of machine after every stop.