Indigo Slasher Dyeing Machine


  • Due to multi-tank process engineering, the continuous warp yarn dyeing machine can also be used for topping or dyeing with different categories of dye, such as Sulpher, Direct, Reactive, Naphthol, Pigment or Indanthrane dyestuffs. This is done with help of using additional tanks or bypassing certain tanks.
  • While using different type of Dyestuffs, it is important to match the immersion time and dye iquor quantity of different Dyestuffs. Adjustable immersion rolls also help in meeting the required immersion time, liquor quantity, number of squeezing, etc. to get the required depth of the Dye shade.
  • The present trend of Denim has shifted from a traditional 14 oz Denim to lighter Denims for fashion and casual ware. Processing of such light Denims need flexible approach to meet fast changing fashions. With the help of multi-tank concept, it has become possible to go in for continuous multi-color warp dyeing – cum – sizing plant. This helps us to optimize the use of Dyes / Chemicals in Denim plant turning out to be economical and echo friendly.
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