Jupiter Comtex is a closely-held family group managed by a powerful mix of entrepreneurs and professionals in key positions. While under the efficient and progressive management of Shri Gitesh Mistry and Shri Jatin Mistry, Jupiter has reached new horizons, highly-qualified professionals who have to their credit rich experience in the field of machinery design and development continually advance Jupiter’s technological know-how. 

Jupiter recruits from some of the leading professional colleges thus ensuring the inflow of contemporary knowledge base in to the company thus making it updated with the latest goings-on in the technical and management fields.

While a strong marketing team has ascertained a strong network in the domestic Indian and international market, a qualified team of engineers has helped this marketing team capture the market with its production perfection, strict quality control and continual research & development activities resulting in innovative product lines.

At Jupiter, the management acknowledges the role of its people in its success of becoming a leading domestic player as well as its growing mark in the international market. The promoters are committed to the growth of each of its employees who undergo on the job and outdoor trainings at frequent intervals to stay up-to-date with the new developments in the company and industry.